Evans Agrapidis Explains How Workers’ Compensation Claim Values Are Determined

Attorney Evans Agrapidis Explains How Workers’ Compensation Claims Are Valued

Medical Expenses

Workers’ compensation insurance pays medical expenses up to the state-determined limit. Different types of covered expenses include dental and doctor visits, testing, hospitalization, surgery, and medications. If employees need adaptive equipment to drive to work or to be able to do their jobs, insurance should cover this as well. In some cases, workers’ compensation policies pay for counseling, pain relief therapy, and acupuncture. Workers’ compensation typically does not cover experimental therapies or medications.

Lost Wages

A workers’ compensation insurance policy typically pays between 60 to 80 percent of the employee’s wages and the total amount is capped. The employee receives tax-free payments from the claim. Examples of time that counts as lost hours or lost wages include an employee’s medical care and travel to and from it, time taken from work, and any sick days or vacation time that the employee used for medical reasons. To file a lost wages claim, doctors must document why the employee lost time on the job.

Death Benefits

When an employee dies on the job or as a direct result of an accident at work, the surviving family members may be owed death benefits. The state determines how much money a family receives as a death benefit, and it also depends on wages.

Pain and Suffering

Some injured employees are taken aback to discover no provision for pain and suffering in workers’ compensation law. However, lump sum permanency awards are allowable and are calculated based upon the percentage of permanency as documented by an independent medical examination.

Case Valuation and Settlement Amounts

Attorney Evans Agrapidis On Case Valuation And Settlement Amounts

The Keys to a Strong Workers’ Compensation Case

When you are building your workers’ comp case, there are many factors that you should take into consideration. The first thing that you must do is prove that the injury happened at work. You must also prove that the injury has caused enough damage that it restricts your ability to work.

If You Have a Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you have been injured at work, document everything. Even if you don’t feel that you will need a lawyer to deal with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider, you should consult with a qualified attorney as soon as possible after your injury. Many workers’ compensation cases are straightforward, but when companies and their insurers fight back against the truth of your case, it can be extremely difficult to receive a fair settlement.



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