Why Traffic Collisions With Big Rig and Other Third Party-Owned Vehicles Can Be Complicated

Typical, run-of-the-mill traffic accidents are complicated enough. There are a myriad of variables involved; driver accounts, passenger accounts, witness accounts, insurance evaluations, police reports, attorney actions, and so on and so forth. Sorting through the personal liabilities, insurance investigations, and payments, and legal ramifications can take months. Motor vehicle accidents…

Deconstructing Some Factors at Play in Insurance Claims and Lawsuits Having to do With Premises Negligence

It happens thousands of times each year; due to poor conditions like an icy sidewalk, torn carpeting, inadequate lighting, or a loose railing, an unsuspecting person trips or tumbles and seriously hurts themselves on someone else’s property. When a person suffers a serious injury as a result of unsafe conditions…

A Disambiguation of the Process Used to Assign Official Blame for Car Crashes with Evans Agrapidis

Everyone knows that being found officially at fault for a major motor collision is harmful in several ways. Inevitably, it will increase a person’s insurance premiums, and perhaps lead to their insurance company totally halting coverage. But in the state of New Jersey, there is another substantial consequence: it can…

Evans Agrapidis

Personal Injury and Accident Lawyer in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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